Penmanship is most important skill that is taught to students in school because it is necessary to have clear and legible handwriting. Clarity and legibility in writing is necessary because your handwriting becomes the reflection of your personality. It is not only crucial in school but also in professional life of a person. One of the most effective methods to learn penmanship is the use of penmanship papers. Penmanship paper is designed specifically with different lines therefore it is considered a special paper to improve your handwriting. These papers are designed specifically to provide proper base to those students who want to improve their handwriting. These help students to practice their handwriting skills to learn proper word formation. Penmanship paper sheets are available in the market but you can design easily these sheets with the help of MS Word.

Tips to Design Penmanship Paper

Penmanship paper sheet can be really helpful for you to practice your handwriting problems. It can be best solution for your kids to learn how to write basic letters in right direction following right structure. You can design your penmanship paper in Microsoft Word:

  • In first step, you have to open writing software on your computer and start with new document. Change the font size up to 14 points because it is necessary to draw lines and write other instructions with this size of font.
  • You can draw straight line with the help of “underscore” key and for this purpose you have to hold “Shift” key and “Underscore” key at the same time to draw one straight line across the page. After drawing one single line, strike “Enter” key twice before starting next line.
  • In the next step, you are required to draw a dotted line and for this purpose you can hold down “Dash” key from your keyboard. This will similar to “Underscore” key but in order to get dotted line you have to hit this key without the combination of “Shift” key.
  • Draw a dotted line until the right margin of page and hit enter key once. Sometimes you computer settings convert a dotted line into solid line as a result of one “Enter”. In this situation you can get your dotted line back after hitting “Backspace” key once.
  • Now draw another solid line across the bottom and after completing your line hit the enter key three times instead of hitting only two times. You will get three lines to practice your writing, two solid lines and one dotted line sandwiched between two solid lines.
  • You can copy and paste these three lines on whole document as per your requirements. It will save your time and make your whole penmanship paper accurate with equal lines.

After completion of designing, you can add an attractive title or place to write name of students. It will be good to share some important tips about good handwriting to guide your students. You can use pretty borders to decorate your penmanship paper.

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